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Native App Development

Mobile applications have established themselves as a new requirement for businesses wanting to interact with their customers.

While websites provide a great introduction to your business, mobile applications have the ability to live on your customers mobile devices, providing you with a great ability to reach your customers without having to wait for them to visit your website.

If you’re looking to provide your customers with a mobile application, I can provide you with a great looking and functional mobile app that delivers your brands message.

Different studies show different numbers, but the conclusion is pretty much hands-down in favor of mobile apps. In surveying 3,500 global respondents, Compuware reported that 85% favored mobile apps over a mobile website. And Flurry earlier this year reported that the average mobile user spends more time using mobile apps than the mobile web: an average of 139 minutes per day.

- VentureBeat (09/15/2014)

Benefits of a Native App

  • Speed and performance benefits!
  • An enhanced user experience taking advantage of the device screen size!
  • Ability to take advantage of device features like push notifications!
  • Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Can operate with no internet connectivity!

Some Mobile Apps I've Created

And more...

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